And if there’s not an app, there is a website for everything. If you’ve been on the internet long enough, you don’t need this article to tell you what the internet can bring up and cannot bring up – you’ve done your research already. Innovation has come a long way, and there is no way of denying that. Technology in its entirety has come such a long way that people have wondered about wars against machines and humans for a while now. There have been inventions and machines made to make human lives easier, but that might not be the case at all. Hard to believe, but it’s true.



Technology has become an ingrained part of every single person‘s life. You have apps that tell you when your menstrual cycle is about to start, apps that remind you to drink water, eat food, login eating food so that it can calculate calories and that you don’t end up gaining weight, apps that come with tutorials on how to manage other apps and so many more.

You come across a fair share of these apps yourself, and most of them are helpful beyond words can’t tell you. The calendar app on your phone helps you keep track of everyone’s birthdays, your appointments, events that might be happening and you want to attend – which makes it so clear that phones and the apps in them have become an inherent part of everyone’s lives.

As you can probably tell by the tone of this article, it’s going to press all the things that technology has brought into the world – most of it being easy.


Virtual Assistants

You must have heard of Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana, and show many more, not just devices like phones or tablets – they extend to several devices that have also been the boon

of technology.


These virtual assistants help you with everything. Whether it be making a call from another side of the room, opening an app when your hands are busy, syncing up another device with yours using Bluetooth, or sending an email to someone – they have been by your side for a long time.


Access to these virtual assistants was clear from day one – you would say a specific phrase, and the microphone would pick it up, allowing the virtual assistant on your phone to start running.

You might think listening to whatever conversation you are having around your phone or device by these virtual assistants to be a bit of an overkill. Still, it is this access that makes them so available to you, ready to do whatever you command, and falls within their range of action.

The best part is that you get a choice when it comes to your virtual assistants; you can very well enable or disable them any time you want, and tapping in your conversations will be thrown out of the window immediately, for the lack of better words.




If one were to sit down and talk about all the apps that have been developed so far available on either the App Store or the Play Store available on android devices, it would take probably more than a couple of months to write them all. And these would be not including the ones that are in development now and will be published when they pass a set of rules and protocols.


But, just to suit your curiosity, let’s talk about some apps that you have on your device and others that you download from the Store. You have your normal social media apps that help you stay connected to people, your calendars, messages, phone, contact book, and everything else that is already there on your phone when you get it for the first time.

You have the lesser-known apps – it could be because they have tough competition, you didn’t market the product well, or their app is well done – which could be of many varieties. But let’s not forget that these apps are the ones that save your life when you least expect it.

When one app can’t perform some of the actions due to certain circumstances, you always have another one you can fall back upon—if you have a good network connection to download it from the Store.


Privacy Over Ease?

Many you might be wondering that these apps take away something very basic and human that a lot of people have strived to protect – privacy.

When these apps ask for login information, they take your email IDs, ask your permission to send you emails, and have you agree to this before you can use the app sometimes.

Other apps have your whole biological database, including emergency contacts that they have the power to call – all of it stays within your control door.

You might think that giving up your privacy for the ease that technology and devices bring with them is a small sacrifice. It’s a big one, but its greatness comes down a few notches when you realize that you still have control over these apps and websites and how they use your personal information.


More than that, the developers and admins of these apps or with your website that you might be using regularly have given your personal information to our human, and they realize the importance of privacy.  When you sign up for a website or an app, they ask you to agree to a privacy policy – would you have to agree to before you start using the app.

Next time, before you agree to the privacy policy, try going through every clause of it and understanding the same so not do you have more comprehension when it comes to where your private information is being used. Still, you have more control over the same being stopped whenever you want to.


Technology is great. No one denies that, but you have control over what comes into your phone or any other device at the end of the day. Don’t forget that.


By Dorian

Interested in latest news and trends about all popular and trending topics in IT.