The things invented using scientific knowledge and skills to fulfill people’s requirements are termed technology. It is becoming advanced day by day. For some years, people are not getting facilitated by any android phones, but now all the phones are launched with an updated android version. Many applications can be used using these android sets. There is much social application that connects people of different locations through a single network. What’s an app, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are some of the applications people use to connect with the worldwide. These technologies are widely used in the present day world.


Development of technology and its causes

The improvement in human progress is a gradual process, but if we compare today’s generation with the past, people’s needs are growing, and the population needshealthier and longer lives. These needs are requirements are caused by the new invention of technology. The wheel used for carrying goods in know carrying a huge number of people in a short duration of time. Similarly, in the past day, people sent messages through greetings and postcards, but what about now? There is no need to travel miles to send a letter. Many devices and gadgets have been developed to send a message in few seconds.

In the past thousands of years, people searched for food and livelihood and water to have a peaceful life. They were traveling miles distance by changing their locations. But now, people are buying plots and building their houses permanently at one location. The reason behind this is the technology that is developing and providing every need of people. Various online sites have been developed which helps in fixing all the problems related to day to day requirements

Windmills, horsepower,and water wheels were some of the past tools, but if we focus on the late 1700, an industrial revolution was raised in Great Britain. Spinning Jenny and the water frame were invented to mechanize the textile industry, which helped industries complete their processing at less cost and labor. In 1900 famine Indian officials went on inventing new crops and agricultural technology.

The telephonic system improved into a mobile phone with a new android version. Nokia, Samsung, blackberry, oppo3, Vivo, etc.Brand’s gave up updated technology to the worldwide. Mobile phones arrived in sub- Saharan Africa in early 2000, which connected millions of people for the firsttime. Calling, texting, and Facebook and Mobile banking technology made advancement for developing countries,making people access bank accounts for the first time. Telemedicine helped the lack of trained health care professionals in Mali. The done system helped many people in Rwanda by distributing blood to the emergency hospitals.


Impact of Advancementon communication

Communication was tough before 1000 years ago. Today, people can text a message, do what’s app, explore people on Facebook, Instagram, and communicate with people who are 1000km away from you. Pigeon’s posting updated several communication techniques,makingit easy to send a message instead of a letter. In the 21st century, technology has introduced advancement in every sector. Computers and networks helped many organizations to get effective and efficient output in a short period. Those technologies improved relationships between the departments, which also helped in better management of skills.Besides phones, net banking, and application, new technologies are introduced,creating advancements in information technology. Many new websites were introduced in Google, Yahoo, and other searching platform, which helped people know about a particular today in some seconds.


Artificial intelligence

The IT professionals introduced an Advancement called artificial intelligence which can perform many tasks in a smaller period of time. But the work done by the system can’t be recalled as this advancement analyze the task and gives the response. Due to lack of memory, a new level was introduced to store a limited memory, which includes all the social media bots of the worldwide information. These technologies are used by professionals who help in the workplace of cybercrime security.Theprograms of artificial intelligence provide judgmentsof its own as well as of worldwide people.


Cloud computing

This is an  Advancement program that helps professionals to Store and acceaccess. This system is secured and stores a large number of data, and helps in Monterey savings. This program’s system is recently very expensive, so it is only used for big deal business purposes. It provides a huge number of machine learning tools, which leads to development in innovation.



Advanced social media and applications

Nowadays, people depend upon networks and social media facilities. Every work is directly or indirectly to web applications, social networks, and social websites. These are some social network applications and websites hugely used by people in day to day life.

  • Google- It is a company introduced by American multinational technology that provides services on search engines, software, hardware service, etc.Google’s web-based services like Google document, sheets, Google storage, Google duo, Google photos, Google map, Google keep, Google translate, etc. These services are now used by 90% of the World’s population to perform their work and also by students to gain knowledge.
  • Youtubeis another social networking site widely used in the whole world as a video-sharing platform. Most people use this site for entertainment and study purpose but this provides every answers of every question of people and the answer is not related to one review but also different answer posted by different you tubers.The maximum population depends upon YouTube as their passion and to earn money. Every fan of YouTube wanted him/ her to become a successful You tuber one day.
  • What’s an app- it is a social media application which stands as a communication platform. Nowadays,WhatsApp has become a mandatory mode for people in daily life. People can chat, share their status, and create official and unofficial groups for communication and sharing of data and information.


Nowadays, technology is the most important thing in everyone’s day to life. The improvement of technology made people live an easy and successful life. People can have new dreams to do something for future generations. This thinking of mind can give today’s technology a New path to improve more in the future.


By Dorian

Interested in latest news and trends about all popular and trending topics in IT.