Tech Niche is a term used for referring to a product, service that is designed specifically to accommodate a specific set of people or a particular set of markets. With the evolution of technological advancements, times have changed drastically. One-click of a button reduces our time, efforts, and cost. No sector remains unaffected by technological progress. In the business sector, especially the business sector, every aspect of conducting a business, be it production, marketing, sales, accounts, etc., has become easier. However, with the growing ease of convenience, the competition has also grown. The increased competition has led to the introduction of tech niche markets. A tech-niche market is a segment of a larger market wherein a specific product or service is sold.


Factors governing the business in a Niche Market

  • Availability of Resources- This factor is the most primary factor. The entire business idea is dependent upon the accessibility of resources. How to obtain the necessary resources for the development of a product; Allocate resources within different departments of a business; Optimum use of these resources are essential factors in setting up a market.
  • Market Research- Market Research is an important factor in setting up a market. This, in turn, helps to determine the subsequent strategies and campaigns. Conducting detailed market research helps to obtain the necessary information. This information includes the expectations, problems, behavior of the targeted audience. Various ways, such as surveys via questionnaire, interacting with a live audience, etc., can be used for the same.
  • Knowing the rivals first-hand- Competition is an essential part of any industry. The competitors drive the price forces, new products, and innovations. Before entering into the market, it is essential to know the competitors. The strength, weaknesses, USP, etc., will give you an edge over the rivals.
  • Examine Profitability- After securing and observing the necessary information, profitability is ascertained. The sole aspect ensures the existence of a business. Without profits, no firm can survive in the market. Profits must cover the expenses as well as generate enough revenues.
  • SWOT analysis- Obtaining information about competitors is not enough. Exploring our own strengths and weaknesses, thereby discovering opportunities and threats, is a strong move to ensure survival in the end.
  • Determining Strategies- Strategies are the game plan that implements business ideas. Lead generation strategies involve plans for marketing, sales, promotion, etc. Responsive strategies include the imminent strategies to countermove the rival’s plan. The latter is an unpredictable force, whereas the former is predetermined.
  • Feedbacks– No market is complete without feedback. They convey the trend, expectations, room for improvements, etc. to the firms. Obtaining and working upon feedbacks guarantees higher chances of success.



Skills required to sustain in Tech Niche Businesses

  • Artificial Intelligence- Artificial Intelligence is considered the most progressive development in the field of technology. Suffice to say. The entire world is on the threshold of transformation with the introduction of AI. Hence, more and more companies and investing in AI. The jobs in this sector are surging. Therefore, people are learning essential skills to keep up-to-date with the necessary transformation.
  • Adept at Machine Learning Skills- As compared to humans, Machines are more productive, cost-effective, and less time-consuming. The paradigm shift from human labor to machinery has advanced the level of skills to be learned. People have to become more adept with handling machines, basic software, and various language processing.
  • Design- The designing sector is the most important skill-sector. Designs convey the message, vision and attract the targeted audience. Professionals are learning and updating the required skills to improve user’s convenience with websites and mobile applications.
  • Research and Development- To keep pace with the changing world and global rivals, investment in the R&D department is necessary. The skills help to strengthen the position of tech-niche business firms.
  • Data Analytics- Data has always played a major role in generating valuable information. You will generate abundant jobs in the coming future for this sector. The job of a data analyst is laborious. To ease this hard work, various new skills are required.



What sectors are affected by the Tech Niche Services/Products-

Tech Niche Products and Services have left no sector untouched. However, some fields are more affected than others are.

  • Education- The field of education has seen a major transformation in recent decades. The Tech Niche Services and Products have changed the education sector from the inside out. The offline mode has shifted to the online platforms. Virtual learning has proved beneficial for the students. It is no longer focused on rote-learning or securing marks. Rather the digital platforms have enhanced the quality of education. Endless opportunities have opened up in this field for new firms to compete.
  • Marketing- Old-age marketing was a tedious, cumbersome task. It was expensive and involved a lot of time and effort. However, tech niche services and products have made the marketing tasks relatively easy. It is possible to reach a massive audience via an endless number of websites, applications, channels, etc. Customized campaign programs are also run for a specific segment of the targeted audience.
  • Medical- This sector has been most benefited with the technological advancements. The diseases, which were incurable, are cured with one injection. This sector has a vast potential of opportunities to advance business. With an uncountable number of tasks such as keeping track of patient records, working with AI, handling machinery, etc, the medical sector can provide a major boon to tech-niche firms.
  • Environmental Issues- The growing concern for the health of our planet is overwhelming. Tech niche services and products can help to a major extent. Effective water-conservation programs, solar panels, naturally derived energy, cost-effective resources, etc. it has the potential to attract numerous investors.


Final Thoughts-

The tech-niche market, with its influential audience, has contributed significantly to the major transformation process. Focused attention on the specific audience and less competition has made niche markets successful. However, it does pose a few challenges. Nevertheless, with the right strategies, such challenges are easier to overcome.


By Dorian

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