YouTube is a very important platform in today’s world. Its growth and its income are breaking all the walls and restrictions. Today it is said that for every second therefore about five lakhs of videos have been posted on YouTube ( this information has been taken from Wikipedia). Now we all know the fact that youtube is a platform for you and me which means the commoners.


The most interesting part of YouTube is you create your platform by posting content of your belief and which you like and people who have the same kind of vision and belief will follow, like, and share your content. In this article, we are going to discuss the different steps to get your first hundred subscribers. It is said that in business customers are referred to as God, in the same way in which you turn the subscribers are called the Gods. Your subscription to a particular YouTube channel can make a difference rather than will make a difference. Now here in this particular article, we are going to discuss the points which will provide you with your first hundred YouTube subscribers.


How to gain 100 YouTube Subscribers?


  • Create good quality content – Today in this technological advancement scenario we all. know that creating any content and creating good quality content serves a huge difference. It means that the picture quality should be good, the sound quality should be good, subtitles should be provided if pictures are used they should be of good quality. It probably appears and resembles the fact that each and everything of the content should be of best. The better it is the better it is.
  • Talk about it within your known circle and friends – Discussions and positive discussions always make things the utmost best. If you discuss it among your friends it can have an added benefit. They might criticize you and which will make you better in the world of digital content creators. And also it will help you to gain subscribers if they haven’t subscribed yet. Another thing that needs to be mentioned here is that you can make your known ones a part of your content, as it will create positivity and help you to gain much more subscribers. As you know, you will also definitely subscribe. This can definitely help you to create positivity and have the first hundred subscribers.
  • Advertise and marketing in your own way- little advertisement doesn’t need any professional help. You can always advertise in your own way and start with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp at first. Buy youtube subscribers. Create stories, posters, graphics, and the like in your way. Your content in any format should always reflect your belief and your thoughts. Always share links to your channels and their contents on different social networking sites.


These are the different basic ways in order to have your first hundred subscribers. Once you get your first hundred subscribers it will definitely help you to reach your goal and have more subscribers in the long run. YouTube is a wonderful platform for your economic prosperity to rise for the best. Always make sure you have amazing content for your viewers.

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