Today technology is progressing at such a swift pace, enabling a lot faster change and development, causing a hastening of the speed of development, until finally, it’ll become exponential. But, it”s not alone the technology trends and the top technologies that are developing; a lot more has changed this year due to this outbreak of Corona Virus, making IT experts understand that their role ain’t staying the same in the very contactless world in times to come. And someone who is an IT expert in 2020-2021 will continually be learning, relearning, and unlearning (out of obligation if you don’t want).

Well, what does this mean for an individual belonging to the IT field? It means that you stay modern with all the new tech trends in the IT field. Also, it means that you keep your eyes and sights on the coming future to know the kinds of skills you will need to know to secure a job, i.e., safe in coming times, and even know and learn the skills it takes to reach there. All the bows to a worldwide pandemic, most of the worldwide IT crowd is sitting back, performing their work from home. And the moment you want to make the most of the time at home, here is presenting a few new tech trends you’d look for and attempt at in the year 2021-22 and possibly get one of those jobsto be created via these new tech trends.


  1. AI, i.e., Artificial Intelligence and the Machine Learning

AI has already received plenty of buzz in recent past decades. However, it stays to be amongst the new tech trends due to these notable impacts on how they live, play, and work are only in an early stage. Artificial Intelligence is already known for the superiority in picture and speech identification, navigation applications, smartphone personal assistant, the ride-sharing app, and plenty of much more.

Besides that, Artificial Intelligence will be utilized further to analyze the interactions to identify underlying insights and connections, to assist in predicting demand for the services such as hospitals letting authorities take better decisions about resource utilization, to detect all the changing pattern of a customer behavior via analyzing the data in near real-time, driving the revenues and improving personalized experiences.


  1. RPA, i.e., Robotic Process Automation

Pretty much like Artificial Intelligence alongside MachineLearning, RPA is another tech that’s automating jobs. Robotic Process Automation uses software to automate the business processes like interpreting application, processing the transaction, dealing with the data, and replying to electronic mails. Robotic Process Association automate a repetitive task that individuals used to do.


Robotic Process Automation offers too many career chances for someone who’s an IT expert looking to the future and working to understand the new tech trends, including the developer, business analyst, project manager, solution architect, and consultant. And such jobs pay well. A Robotic Process Automation developer can go on to earn over ₹534K every year – making it one of the next tech trend one must keep an eye on!


  1. The Quantum Computing

The next outstanding tech trend is quantum computing, basically a form of computing that takes advantage of the quantum phenomena such as superposition and quantum entanglement. An excellent technology trend is even involved in escaping the spread of Covid-19. To produce potential vaccines, one can, thanks to the ability to easily monitor, query, analyze, and then act on the data, regardless of source. Another space where quantum computing is simply finding the applications is finance and banking to manage the credit risk for high-frequency fraud detection and trading.

Quantum computer is now double times faster than the regular ones. Huge brands such as Splunk, Microsoft, AWS, Honeywell, & several others are now involved in making discoveries in Quantum Computing. The revenue for a global quantum market of computing is projected to exceed 2.5 billion dollars by 2029. To make the mark in this newer trending technology, one needs to possess experience with a quantum mechanic, probability, linear algebra, machine learning, and information theory.


  1. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The following excellent technology trend includes – VR, i.e., Virtual Reality and AR, i.e., Augmented Reality, and ER, i.e., Extended Reality. VR goes on to immerse the user in the environment while the AR enhances their environment. Though this tech trend has majorly been used for gaming so far, it’s also been utilized for training.


  1. Blockchain

Though most people wonder about blockchain technology concerning cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Blockchain provides security that’s handy in many ways.


However, if you’re intrigued by the Blockchain or its applications

and wish to make a career in this very trending technology, then it’s just the right time for you to begin.


  1. IoT, i.e., Internet of Things

Another encouraging new tech trend is the Internet of Things. Several “things” are currently being built with WiFi connectivity, meaning they can easily be connected to the Web—and one another. Hence, the IoT, orthe Internet of Things. It’s the coming future and has now enabled devices, cars, home appliances, and a lot more to beconnected to and then exchange data through the Internet.


  1. 5G

Up next, the tech trend that serves the Internet of Things is 5G.

Where 4G and 3G technologies have allowed us to survey the Internet, make use of data-driven services, extended bandwidths for simply streaming on YouTube or Spotify and

so much more, the services of 5G are anticipated to revolutionize humans’ lives.


One must jot-down that however difficult the field is, it further offers lucrative 6-figure income, and roles may range from an ethical hacker to the security engineer to the Chief Security Officer, providing a sound career path for those who wish to get into the tech field and stick with the evergreen technology.


By Dorian

Interested in latest news and trends about all popular and trending topics in IT.