Technology has given a lot of opportunities and made many lives. Almost every day, we see a viral video, and that person in the viral video gets a lot of fame. It might seem like a small thing, but many options open up for that person in his personal and professional life. We have seen technology change the arena of payments completely. Digital wallets came in, India is moving towards a cashless economy, payments and money transfers have never been easier. We are in a time wherein everything is a click away. If you want to know about someone’s personal life, go to their social media accounts, curious about their professional life, go to their professional accounts. Everything from knowing about anyone’s political opinions to knowing what they had for dinner is just a click away.

We have been involved so much now in each other’s lives that it is sometimes difficult to be on your own. We are habituated to this technology. If you do not believe this, try keeping your phone away for one hour, and sit just like that. It has become an impossible task for many of us because we are unconsciously living in a virtual world. Every minute we need to be using some of the other technology to make us feel alive and be a part of this virtual world we have created.


Data privacy is a right 

  • Data privacy has been a big issue for some years now, and we need to take steps to maintain our privacy. Identity is something so personal, but we treat it like a fingerprint or a face id. Our identity and privacy are much more than just that.
  • All the companies use technology to invade our privacy, study our behaviors and patterns, and then make a product or a service resembling this pattern to ensure that we are trapped in this never bursting bubble.
  • Privacy is not a small issue like we treat it to be. Every time we click okay on terms and conditions without reading them, we become one step toward slavery. Slavery happens when you are in no control of the decisions we take. Isn’t the same thing happening with us right now? When we are not even allowed to choose what we want to share about ourselves, we have to click okay to keep using these apps and websites.
  • We feel like we do not have a choice. Still, it is ourselves who have brought us into this situation by always agreeing, never questioning, and unconsciously using everything on the internet.
  • Privacy is invaded everywhere, be it social media apps or any other apps. All the companies have our data of what we like, how we are, what we buy, and every other little information. This is unacceptable, yet it keeps happening. Now, the same thing has started happening in terms of money as well. Many accounts get hacked daily, and people with no power end up losing all of their money to cyber fraud.


Time to rethink our actions 

  • It is time to rethink if we allow the internet to become more accessible or become a place of exclusion and fraud. It is high time to act on such issues. The apps and websites now force us to see ads before we use the websites.
  • We need to pay not to see ads. Is it in any way justifiable? The problem is that we don’t even question. We still have time to get these things under control. We can use technology for more freedom, prosperity, and inclusion rather than frauds and crime.


How can blockchain technology help?

  • The solution is blockchain technology. This technology is highly encrypted, and it is impossible to hack it. If somebody attempts to hack it, it can never happen because every ten minutes, a block gets created that gets attached to the previous block, making a chain. This happens simultaneously on millions of computers, so it is impossible to hack it.
  • Now, wherever we go, we give all our details to the sellers when sellers need to know if they got paid. A simple yes or no. For just this one thing, we give in all of our precious data for free. Using blockchain technology, we can create blocks of data for every individual. Now, these blocks move with us, and wherever we go, we can choose what information of that block is required and give it out consciously. Data is a huge asset for companies that we keep on distributing for free.
  • Blockchain technology can also help us become fair towards artists. Be it musicians, painters, or any other artists; we rob them of what they deserve by not giving them a platform. Every time, they need to show us their creativity through some platforms. These platforms act as the intermediary, and more than half the money goes to them. Using blockchain, artists can create their apps, and the public can access them directly through this technology, so they fairly get paid for whatever they do.


A lot has been destroyed already, and a lot still is in our hands. We can choose what kind of a future we want for ourselves. We still can act and make the world a better and prosperous place. We are very happy to offer our talent to these intermediaries who are just a medium. We need to ask ourselves the reason for such behavior. We need to dare to take a stand and be firm on it. Otherwise, we will be responsible for what we create. We already need to pay for a lot of things that were originally supposed to be free. It feels like a trap, wherein the starting was free, and once we are addicted, we need to pay for those same things. It is not about denying paying, but we need to question the strategies being implemented by the big companies to make us pay. We need to fight for our privacy rights.


By Dorian

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