Are electric tricycles street legal?

In the current state, they are generally subject to the same rules and regulations as traditional bicycles, so they are considered legal on public streets. If there is no bike lane at speed limits higher than 30 mph, electrical trikes are not allowed on highways, interstates, or major roads.

Do you have to pedal an electric tricycle?
Our Easy Go mobility scooter is an extra special electric tricycle. Unlike most tricycles, this one is equipped with three cycle options: pedaling without pedal assistance, pedal assistance with an electric motor or 100% electric assistance without pedaling at all.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads in 2022 – Who Wins?

What is more effective for you?

Pay-per-click advertising is dominated by Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. What are the best options for your business if you’re just starting out?

Is Facebook advertising different from Google advertising? Consumers see products/services differently on Facebook and Google.

Users of Facebook see ads based on their interests, while users of Google see ads based on their searches.

Simply put, Facebook is geared towards brand outreach while Google is geared towards lead generation.

Using Google Ads, business owners are able to target users based on the search queries they enter on Google.

The ads are mainly text-based and aim to show users relevant promoted results that will assist them in furthering their search.

When a user performs a Google search for a particular keyword, they are usually shown several pages of results within less than a second.

PPC advertising platforms from other search engines use similar techniques.
You can read about getting certifications here:

Is ETH the next Bitcoin? Here is why Ethereum matters. 

Investors are interested in Bitcoin for several good reasons. It was the first cryptocurrency. In addition, its value has increased by more than 300% in the past year.
Some crypto investors are focused on finding the next Bitcoin, and so I recommend they turn their attention to Ethereum.
Ethereum’s rapid rise in value makes it similar to Bitcoin.

There are more than 2,300 Ethereum developers working on the blockchain every month, up more than 200% over the past three years.

The unique feature of Ethereum makes it stand out from other blockchains and helps make its token more valuable. Developer community size determines how many updates it will receive and how trusted it will become. The increase in community trust will encourage more developers to join, which will help accelerate growth.

The fact that Ethereum has become an established token among so many other cryptocurrencies has helped to distinguish it from the rest. If you wish to buy ethereum, you can find a guide on “GPUCOIN“. Odds are good that it’s going to be pretty close to BTC, at least has that potential more than any other cryptocurrency.

Is it possible to mine obsidian with iron pickaxe?

Obsidian can only be mined with a Diamond Pickaxe, and it takes 9.375 seconds to mine, or less if the Pickaxe is enchanted with any level of Efficiency. Mining by hand takes 250 seconds, and mining with a pickaxe takes 50 seconds; however, neither method yields a block.

You can find more details about mining on the video down below! You can also browse for minecraft servers on which mining is easier.



Steps to Get Your First 100 YouTube Subscribers for your YouTube Channel


YouTube is a very important platform in today’s world. Its growth and its income are breaking all the walls and restrictions. Today it is said that for every second therefore about five lakhs of videos have been posted on YouTube ( this information has been taken from Wikipedia). Now we all know the fact that youtube is a platform for you and me which means the commoners.


The most interesting part of YouTube is you create your platform by posting content of your belief and which you like and people who have the same kind of vision and belief will follow, like, and share your content. In this article, we are going to discuss the different steps to get your first hundred subscribers. It is said that in business customers are referred to as God, in the same way in which you turn the subscribers are called the Gods. Your subscription to a particular YouTube channel can make a difference rather than will make a difference. Now here in this particular article, we are going to discuss the points which will provide you with your first hundred YouTube subscribers.


How to gain 100 YouTube Subscribers?


  • Create good quality content – Today in this technological advancement scenario we all. know that creating any content and creating good quality content serves a huge difference. It means that the picture quality should be good, the sound quality should be good, subtitles should be provided if pictures are used they should be of good quality. It probably appears and resembles the fact that each and everything of the content should be of best. The better it is the better it is.
  • Talk about it within your known circle and friends – Discussions and positive discussions always make things the utmost best. If you discuss it among your friends it can have an added benefit. They might criticize you and which will make you better in the world of digital content creators. And also it will help you to gain subscribers if they haven’t subscribed yet. Another thing that needs to be mentioned here is that you can make your known ones a part of your content, as it will create positivity and help you to gain much more subscribers. As you know, you will also definitely subscribe. This can definitely help you to create positivity and have the first hundred subscribers.
  • Advertise and marketing in your own way- little advertisement doesn’t need any professional help. You can always advertise in your own way and start with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp at first. Buy youtube subscribers. Create stories, posters, graphics, and the like in your way. Your content in any format should always reflect your belief and your thoughts. Always share links to your channels and their contents on different social networking sites.


These are the different basic ways in order to have your first hundred subscribers. Once you get your first hundred subscribers it will definitely help you to reach your goal and have more subscribers in the long run. YouTube is a wonderful platform for your economic prosperity to rise for the best. Always make sure you have amazing content for your viewers.

Mobile Applications Are The Future: Why Businesses Should Invest In Them?


As the time progresses, the way the business perform their operations is changing. Another facet of the business, marketing and reaching out to the audience, has changed. No more businesses rely on the physical shops and stores to attract customers. Now is the time when most of the business is performed online. Therefore, the businesses have shifted their stores online. Other than the websites, businesses these days are focusing on apps.

As mobile phones are used by almost every other person out there, mobile applications have become highly popular. They have become a great platform to market the products and services and reach the customers and retain them for a longer time. Read ahead to know why mobile applications are useful and how to build the perfect one.


Why have mobile applications for the business?

Mobile apps have become a substantial point of digital media marketing in the current age. Marketing has become multi-faceted and multi-channel based. This means businesses these days try to reach their audience through various channels, comprising both online and offline media. Mobile applications have since then become a major part of the campaign. Here are some benefits that the businesses have observed after launching their mobile apps:

  1. Reaching audience: One of the things that make apps quite useful for business is reaching the audience easier. It is also true for another way around, as the audience can reach the business easily. Remember when there was a time when one use to save the website names for a future visit. With mobile apps, one can install it on their device and access the apps whenever they want on the go.
  2. Increased sales: Customers want to buy something from a certain business, but they will have to go to the website, log in, and buy the products. But, searching, surfing, and buying products have become quite easy when it comes to applications. This helps in increasing the sales comparatively, as it gives ease of ordering on the smartphones.
  3. Better marketing: Reaching customers and leads through apps is much easier than any other channel out there. One can send discounts and offers to the customer directly through push notifications on phones. This helps in motivating the customers to take another step in the sale cycle.
  4. Better optimization and analytics: When it comes to managing the campaigns and marketing of businesses or products, analytics play a major role. Having apps will help record the processes and the results in a way that will help in better optimizations of the future cycles. Also, one can get real-time feedback from the customers instantly.
  5. Attractive interface: Websites can be confusing and hassling at times. They tend to lower customer friendliness. On the other hand, apps are more user-friendly as they are easy to use and easy to understand. One can make the apps more attractive with a proper interface to attract more customers.



Types of mobile apps

When it comes to building an app for the business to promote marketing and increase sales, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is the type of app. there are few different types of apps that one can choose from. The choice can be based on the objective and the budget one is keeping aside for the application’s development. Here are few different types of apps that one can develop:

  1. Web apps: These are browsers turned into mobile apps. They are delivered through browsers. One can say that they are a responsive version of the business’s websites. These apps will work for almost all operating systems.
  2. Native apps: These applications are the general apps that are downloaded through browsers. However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that these apps are developed for a certain operating system or platform.
  3. Hybrid apps: These are the ultimate combination of the native apps and the web apps out there. These apps are used on smartphones and can be downloaded and installed from the apps stores. Also, these apps are usually created for varying platforms and operating systems.


Features of a good mobile app

A mobile app is a place where the customers will get to engage with the brand. Therefore, it can be said to be the store of the business. Having a good store will always attract more customers and will also bring them there more often.

Like that, having a good app will help bring in more customers and retain them as well. Few things make a good application for mobiles. Here are these features to take care of:

  • Speed: The loading time of the pages on an app should be fast and should not lag a lot. After all, nobody likes a laggy and slow application.
  • Simple: Apps should not be too complicated, as they can steer away from the users. The pages and the design should be simple and easy to understand.
  • Good resolution: When the apps are made to sell certain products, it is crucial to add high-resolution images. Blurry images will make the apps look not so polished.
  • Secure: Another factor that every business should pay attention to is that the app should be secure. There should be a proper privacy policy is crucial to keep the information and details of users safe.
  • Feedback: Every app should have a place where the user can add their feedback. Getting feedback will help the businesses to take proper steps to a better app in the future.
  • Color schemes: The apps with big and bold colors tend to attract more users. Having a dull interface will give a dull experience to the users of the app.
  • Updates: The user requirement changes, and the OS too tend to have their updates. Therefore, the applications must have regular updates as well to keep up with OS updates.


Mobile apps are the future of business marketing and customer engagement campaigns. These apps allow better operations, better customer retention, and better reach-ability. Building the perfect app will help in making businesses more digitally woke and open.


A Few Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence Can Be Considered As The Best Innovation Of Modern Technology


The Impact It Has On Our Daily Lives 

We live in an era that is technology controlled. Every little thing we do from morning to night has the hands of technology in it. The electricity we use, the bread we toast, the television we watch, and the mobile we use are all a part of technology and it shows how far we are dependent on it. Human life has been using technology for ages and the present age is the most vibrant of all. When compared to our predecessors the present-day life is the most easiest and fascinating. AI or Artificial Intelligence is one of the best innovations of modern technology and has a great impact on our daily lives.


How is AI or Artificial Intelligence affecting our day to day life?

Hearing about Artificial Intelligence in the news or from others we feel that it is something to do with great technological research and we as normal people going and doing a 9 to 5 job have no relationship with it. But that’s where you are wrong. Artificial Intelligence has been in the midst of our normal day to day life without us being aware of it. Here are a few examples of how it is impacting our normal lives when we do normal things.

  • The smartphone

In the modern world, most of us use smartphones and the first thing we do in the morning is to open our phone and when your phone uses your face as your ID, it is using the Artificial Intelligence that enables your phone to unlock using your face as the identity. The face ID that Apple uses can read your face in a 3D image. It uses 30,000 infrared dots and captures your image and with the help of algorithms it compares your face with the stored image and if the AI is satisfied that it is you who is using the phone it unlocks it for you. all this takes just seconds and you have your phone unlocked.

  • Social media

Who doesn’t use social media in today’s life? Every detail about you is available here. Your friends, family all have a place here. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc all are busy with what you are up to and what you are doing right now. Artificial Intelligence plays a very active role in providing you the information you need about your friends and family members. It also provides you with posts that interest you most, based on the search you have done in the past. The AI searches, filters, and identifies the information you need and provides it to you in your social media accounts.

  • Emails

Sending an Email is a very common thing and when an important mail is drafted you check it out with Grammarly or other such correcting tools so that your mail is perfect and error-free. Artificial Intelligence is at work here. Your Emails are filtered for spam and they are protected from viruses. The antiviruses used to clean your computers are all using Artificial Intelligence to do the work perfectly.

  • Google Search

When we need information about something the first thing we do is to use the Google search engine. Google uses the help of Artificial Intelligence to give you the required information. The advertisements you receive, your recommendations on youtube all have the hands of AI in them. It all depends on your search history where the AI helps you get things that interest you the most.

  • Digital voice assistance

We are getting used to digital assistance like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana. From playing your favorite music to creating the perfect lighting and ambiance for a romantic evening everything can be done by digital voice assistance using Artificial Intelligence. All these Apps use AI for their performance and provide you with the information you need.

  • Smart cars

With the growth of technology, smart cars have are becoming popular. Self-driving cars and self-parking cars all use AI for their performance. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, your car can think, see and learn to do things like driving and parking on its own. Manufacturing giants like Toyota, Mercedes- Benz, Audi, etc, are already using the amazing technology called Artificial intelligence for bringing people vehicles that can drive and park without the help of human intervention.

  • Banking

Banking is very important to us. Normal banking activities use Artificial Intelligence for many of the banking procedures. It keeps our transactions secure, detects frauds, alerts you when your balance is low, etc. all done by the amazing technology called Artificial Intelligence.

  • Netflix

Streaming services like Netflix that most of us use for our daily entertainment is empowered with Artificial Intelligence. The AI uses your viewing history to recommend shows that might interest you, most of us use these recommendations for our future viewing purposes.

  • Online shopping recommendations

When you shop in Amazon one of the most used online shopping APP, you are using Artificial intelligence on the daily basis. The AI uses your search and recommends your products according to it. The AI is so perfect that you end up buying what is in the recommendations.



Artificial Intelligence can be your perfect companion

The various ways that Artificial Intelligence is helping you in leading your day to day life is quite amazing. It helps us out in every area of our life. From showing you the directions when you need to find a place to book a spot in a restaurant and to find the perfect cozy spot in a theatre, the music you want to listen to everywhere you are getting the help of an Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence or AI makes it possible for machines to perform tasks similar to humans. Machines get the capacity to learn from experience and to perform according to the needs of humans depending on their habits. Today’s world is full of chess-playing computers and cars with self-driving capacity. Though Artificial Intelligence or AI is not what has been depicted in certain Hollywood films and it is not coming to take over the world from us, it still can make us think that we need certain things that we do not need. AI or Artificial Intelligence is one of the best innovations that can help mankind reach its peak. It has become the perfect companion that you cannot do without even for a single day.